Creamy Thai Peanut Hummus

Creamy Thai Peanut Hummus

So can we agree that homemade is almost always better?  I say almost because there are certain items that I leave up to the professionals since I just can’t seem to match it at home.  Hummus used to be on that list.  I’ve made it quite a few times and…well, it was ok.  It tasted like hummus and it was fine, but it was nowhere near the delicious creamy hummus you buy at the store.

Creamy Thai Peanut Hummus

I say it used to be on the list because after this hummus, it has been removed. Completely.  This stuff is SO freaking yummy, I may not ever touch the store-bought stuff again.  That’s a lie, I’ll probably get lazy next week and buy some Sabra at the store, but for now, I’m going to revel in my homemade hummus glory.

Creamy Thai Peanut Hummus

I’ve read on a few blogs lately that the trick to creamy hummus is peeling the chickpeas.  Holy moly were they right!  I know, it sounds tedious, and it kind of is, but you will completely forget all about that when you try this stuff. Just turn on your favorite TV show or blast some music and sit down for a peeling party, its actually kind of relaxing.

Creamy Thai Peanut Hummus

Look at that stuff.  How awesome does that look?  It literally just POURS out of the bowl.

Creamy Thai Peanut Hummus

I got the idea for this hummus last week when Tom & I were enjoying a nice vietnamese meal.  We had some summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce and we were talking about how freaking awesome the peanut sauce was.  I just wanted to lick it straight from the bowl.  Then the next day I was dipping some carrots in peanut butter and hummus and realized “Um, hello, just combine the two. Duh.”  I know I’m probably not the first person to do this but its SO good, I’m taking credit for it.

Creamy Thai Peanut Hummus

I added some sweet chili sauce which brought it more towards that sweet/savory taste of the peanut sauce we had at the restaurant.  If you don’t have any chili sauce, try adding just a teaspoon of honey, its really nice to have the subtle sweetness in there with the peanuts.

Creamy Thai Peanut Hummus

Its so creamy that you can use it as a sauce too.  Tonight for dinner I grilled up some eggplant, topped with some Trader Joe’s Bruschetta and then drizzled with the hummus.  Its like an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

Just make this. Do it. Now. Yum.



Morning Dew.


There is something so fresh about the dew on grass early in the morning.  I’m imagining a crisp fall morning with a light dew covering the grass and flowers and the warm sun rising up over the mountains…

Creamy Thai Peanut Hummus

Allergy Peanuts
Dietary Vegetarian
Misc Serve Cold


  • 1 can chickpeas (15oz)
  • 1 Large garlic clove
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons tahini
  • 2 tablespoons sweet chili sauce
  • 1 tablespoon creamy unsalted peanut butter


1. Drain the liquid from the chickpeas and set the liquid aside in a small bowl. Peel the skins off the chick peas by pinching one end with two fingers (you don't HAVE to peel them, but you really should, it makes it SO creamy!)
2. Add the chickpeas to a food processor and blend until crumbled. Add the remaining ingredients and blend REALLY well!
3. Add the leftover chickpea liquid until it reaches your desired consistency.
4. Serve with chopped peanuts and sweet chili sauce.







4 Responses to Creamy Thai Peanut Hummus

  1. This sounds DELICIOUS! I love hummus and peanut sauce. Perfect!

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  3. Tyson says:

    When do you add the tahini, garlic and lemon?

    • Mai-Lis says:

      Hi Tyson, In step 2 after you blend the chickpeas, add the remaining ingredients which includes the tahini, garlic, lemon, chili sauce & peanut butter. Enjoy!

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