WIAW #96


Hey there! Since I’m sucking it up in the recipe creation/cooking department lately I figured I would at least check in and partake in a good old What I Ate Wednesday.  Everything is going well here, I’m just trying to take it one day at a time and take it easy as much as I can without going absolutely bonkers.  I feel like my stomach is resting on my face and have no idea how my skin is going to stretch any more to make room for these growing babies but apparently it will, it’s slightly terrifying to think about.  I hate to focus so much on the pregnancy thing since I know some people just don’t care to hear about it but I totally get it now, why people talk about it all the time when they’re going through it. It’s not something that you can just switch off and then suddenly remember, oh yah, that’s right, I’m pregnant! Its something that is a part of your being 24 hours a day, it pretty much effects every thought you have on a daily basis and it becomes ALL you can think about.  It feels as if aliens have invaded your body and you’re slowing being transformed into something you don’t even recognize.  As weird as it is, I’m so grateful to be having this experience and grateful that my body seems to know what to do (that makes one of us, cause I have NO idea what’s going on in there). I’m also grateful that my two boys seem to be growing well and they’re happy in there, let’s hope they can hang on for another few months!

Anyways, what were we doing here? Oh yah, my eats for Wednesday.  For breakfast I had a piece of toast, some sausage, apple slices and scrambled eggs with cheese & artichoke dip.  YUM.


I’ve been having a mid-morning snack recently even though I’m not really that hungry.  In fact, I don’t really get hungry at all anymore, I don’t think there is any room left in there for my stomach to operate. I’ve noticed that as the day goes along I have less interest in eating so I try to get my calories in during the first part of the day so I make sure I get enough nutrients in there to help them grow.  I used to ALWAYS need an afternoon snack to make it through the day and lately I’ve had no interest in one, it might also have to do with the fact that my activity level is below that of a sloth these days so I guess I’m just not burning the calories I used to.  I had a bowl of honey almond flax cereal for my mid-morning snack.  Again, something else new – I’ve never really bought cereal before but since I’m trying to consume more milk these days, cereal seemed like a decent choice.


For lunch I had some Pumpkin Beef chili. I’ll be posting the recipe for this one soon, I got another package from Stubb’s recently and they sent me some of their new Cookin’ Sauces, one of which was a slow cooker chili packet. Holy freakin’ yum, I’ll talk about it more when I post the photos.


For dinner i was craving something bad and there was this massive pizza crust that has been assaulting me in our freezer for weeks so I decided it was time to whip that baby out and make a buffalo chicken pizza.  It was pretty freaking good. Oh and of course, the spinach salad on the side for good measure.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Head on over to Peas & Crayons to say hi, grab some recipes, share some laughs…



Feeling the little duders move around in there.


I’m pretty sure that one of them is going to be a boxer since he likes to punch my pelvis over and over like its a punching bag and the other one is going to be an American Ninja Warrier because he likes to practice his karate kicks on my stomach all. day. long.

It’s completely fine with me though, it always makes me smile.  I love feeling them move around having a ball in there, they’re just working on getting big and strong so they can come out on time and then come right home with us so they can keep us up all night and poop everywhere cuddle with us and show us those cute little baby smiles.

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  1. Teressa says:

    Pumpkin beef Chilli.. sounds YUM! Wonder if my husband will go for that ? Saying Hey from WIAW link up

  2. that chili looks so good!

  3. I love hearing about your pregnancy Mai-Lis! And find your WIAW interesting. Please keep sharing both.

    You have a beautiful baby bump too! 🙂

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