WIAW #93


Hey there, Happy Wednesday!  I’m realizing that my eats for What I Ate Wednesday are a little messy looking and not very colorful but they were pretty delicious so here we go!  I’m going to call this the yellow day.

For breakfast I had a big bowl of steel cut oats with apples, cinnamon, flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut and dried cranberries along with a pumpkin spice waffle with peanut butter on top.  It seems like every time I go into Whole Foods, their stock of these things are cleaned out pretty well so its obviously a popular flavor.  I hope they stick around for a while because they are SO GOOD!


I’m starting to get quite the baby bump growing, I caught my silhouette the other day on the wall as the sun was setting and it took me a second to realize how big I was getting.  Its so weird to see you body changing like this, every time I pass by a mirror or my reflection I have to stop & pause, holy crap! That’s me!

I’ve officially stopped Cross Fit for the remainder of the pregnancy.  I could have probably gone a few more weeks but they say you should stop all rigorous exercise by the 2nd trimester or 24 weeks at the latest with twins.  I’m currently 23 weeks so I figured it would be best to just be safe and cut back now so I don’t increase my risk of preterm labor.  I’ve been taking afternoon walks with Oto and doing some stretching and light weights at the house for now.  I’m realizing how hard its going to be to go back after all of this and see how far behind I am but I’m also excited for the challenge to build my endurance and muscles back up.  I’m hoping we can find a way to fit it into the schedule once the twins are born.



Anywho, on to some more eats.  I froze some of the chili from last week so I reheated some of that for lunch and had it alongside some leftover mashed sweet potatoes.


For an afternoon snack I had some multigrain chips, a wedge of garlic herb cheese and an apple.  People keep asking me if I’m having any weird cravings and although my diet has stayed mainly normal I’ve been wanting chips like something bad.  I could eat chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could.  Of course I’m trying to keep it under control and just snack on them occasionally but I guess that’s my one weird pregnancy thing.


For dinner I made a 1/2 chicken in the slow cooker and then made a little chicken salad out of it and ate it over some spinach, carrots and roasted delicata squash.


A fresh clean room!

guestroomWe’ve been working on rearranging the house to make way for the nursery.  So far we have cleared out Tom’s man cave (sorry love), moved my office in there and then moved the guest room into where my office was.  I love starting a room off fresh and clean and spending time setting everything up.  Now we just need to hire someone to paint the nursery and get started on the furniture buying process.  So much to do and so little time!  I’ll post some pics when the nursery is done, we’re going to do grey walls with yellow, white & acqua accents.  Can’t wait to get it all done!


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