WIAW #92


Happy Fall everyone!  I know it was officially fall like last week or something but with the hot weekend we had, I feel like it’s actually starting this week.  I’m bringing out the sweaters and starting to crave things like hot oatmeal and soups.  The vibrant leaves are changing and the days are getting shorter.  This is probably the first year that I haven’t been sad for the end of summer. Reason number one is that NONE of my summer clothes fit me any more and its pretty miserable being large and hot, I’m so glad I skipped out on that really pregnant in the dead of summer thing!  Reason number two is that there are so many exciting things coming up in the next few months.  We have a TON of stuff to prepare before the little monsters arrive but I seriously cannot wait! The next 3 months are going to fly by!

Anyways, since its fall now and I’ve made my mental shift, let’s look at some of my fall eats from yesterday.

For breakfast I had a big bowl of steel-cut oats that I made with a mixture of water & apple cider, then I added a little maple syrup, cinnamon, chia seeds, coconut, dried cranberries, diced apples & a splash of almond milk.  YUM.


I usually eat breakfast around 6:30 and don’t get around to eating lunch until around 12 so I usually have a little mid-morning snack to hold me over.  This time it was a few bites of cottage cheese.


For lunch I had a salad and some leftover Thai meatballs which I made in a red coconut curry sauce along with some brown rice & quinoa.



For an afternoon snack I had some Sweet Potato yogurt with KIND peanut butter granola and cinnamon on top.  This was my first time trying this yogurt and it was really good.  I was mostly drawn in by the nice packaging design, that black really stood out among all of the white yogurt containers.  Plus they had some pretty cool unique flavors like carrot and beet, how cool is that?  Check them out if you can find them in your grocery store, I picked them up at Whole Foods.


For dinner I made a big batch of chili in the slow cooker.  No special recipe, just ground beef, fire roasted tomatoes, black & kidney beans, zucchini, onions and LOTS of yummy spices.  I’ll be eating this for a few more meals this week for sure!

I forgot to take a pic but I also had a little granola before bed.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


The farmer’s market in the fall.


There are so many awesome things at the market this time of year, I love seeing the booths all decked out in pumpkins, apples and squash, I just wish I could bring a shopping cart or something, I never seem to have enough room in that little bag I bring!  Make sure you guys get out there and support your local farmers this fall!


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  1. I so want to try that sweet potato yogurt! Does it taste anything like a sweet potato?

    • Mai-Lis says:

      You definitely taste a nice sweet potato flavor but its got a tang to it as well. It was really good with the cinnamon on top too!

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