WIAW #90


Happy hump day! I’m really sad that summer is essentially coming to a close but I am SO excited to jump into pumpkin and apple season and start making up huge batches of cozy soups.  Breakfast yesterday was my first pumpkin anything this year and oh boy was it good!  I picked up these Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice waffles at the store the other day and I’m already planning my next purchase, they are SO good!  Plus they’re full of some other good stuff like quinoa, amaranth & flax so I feel a little less guilty eating waffles for breakfast.  I also picked up a new yogurt to try called Quark, its a german style yogurt and has a lot of protein in it so I figured I’d give it a try.  My thoughts?  Well, if you like stevia, then you would totally love this yogurt.  I should have known when it only had 6g of sugar in it but I didn’t think to check the ingredients.  I can’t stand any fake sugar of any kind, natural or not, it tastes repulsive to me.  SO, I have another one that is plain which I’m assuming doesn’t contain any stevia so I’ll give that a try and hope that I like it better, if not – I’ll have to move back to my greek or sheeps milk yogurt.


For lunch I made a big spinach salad with avocado, feta & croutons along with a curried baby shrimp salad.


I picked up my first few apples of the season at the Farmer’s Market this weekend and I was blown away by how good they were.  I didn’t think they would be that great this early in the season but they were crispy and juicy and sweet, I’m going to have to stock up on some more this weekend.  For an afternoon snack I had an apple with a few slices of cheddar cheese and some peanut butter.


There is a community garden near our house and they put out produce for people to take.  Tom was walking down there last weekend and saw tomatoes so he brought home two massive bags of tomatoes.  We’re finally making our way through them.   Last night I made a quiche with tomatoes, cheddar & basil.  The best part about quiche for dinner?  Leftovers for breakfast!

Happy Wednesday! Head on over to Peas & Crayons for more yummy fall eats.



The idea that fall is coming!

FallI’m soaking up these last few warm days and loving them but I can’t wait for fall everything!  Its even more exciting to think that next fall we’ll have two little boys to bring apple picking with us and jump in the leaves with. Ok, maybe they won’t be jumping by then, but I’m sure they’d love to crawl around in the leaves at least. Can’t wait to show them all the joys of our amazing seasons in New England.


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  1. Deanna says:

    Those waffles look amazing! what brand are they? Experiencing fall (and all of the holidays and seasons) with little ones is sooo much fun! I have two boys myself and they are fun, fun, fun! Congratulations!

  2. You are going to be one busy mama soon. 🙂 Congratulations again. It’s so wonderful

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