WIAW #82


Hello! Happy Wednesday (almost Friday because Thursday is Friday this week).  Bummed that we’re going to get rained out on the 4th of July but at least we have a nice weekend to look forward to.  What fun are fireworks without the double risk of getting caught in a storm?

Time to look at some eats for What I Ate Wednesday!  This picture is recycled because I forgot to take a photo but this is exactly what I had for breakfast, a piece of toast with eggs scrambled with cheddar and salsa.  I also had a few blueberries on the side.


For lunch I had a piece of sausage along with some sautéed chard and tomatoes with mozzarella, avocado & basil. YUM! The heirloom tomatoes from the farmer’s market right now are totally kick ass!



For an afternoon snack I had some carrots dipped in hummus and a Yasso coconut greek yogurt bar.  I’ve been really craving cold sweets like popsicles after these days in the 90’s.  I think its time to freeze some grapes!


Some of our best friends delivered their baby boy on Monday so we went over to their house last night to meet the little guy and cook up a big dinner.  I had grilled chicken, corn, roasted potatoes, salad, orzo salad & an asian vegetable slaw.  It was pretty freaking delicious! Congrats guys! He’s gorgeous!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re all surviving the heat & storms out there!


Taking evening walks and watching Oto frolic on doggy beach.


You will never see Oto looking happier than when he is bouncing in the waves at doggy beach.  He develops trampoline paws and bounces through the water like he’s scaling hurtles, its so fun to watch and impossible not to smile.





5 Responses to WIAW #82

  1. How did I not know you added those daily bits of happiness to your posts, too? Watching Oto jump around in the water and walking on the beach has to be awesome. I clearly need to move to somewhere with beaches around one day.

  2. Lisa says:

    I always find I end up heading towards the carrot and dip when the weather gets warm.

  3. All your eats look delicious! So sad to hear that the fireworks got cancelled, but at least that way you dont have to worry about bad weather.

  4. Those greek yogurt bars are so good. I keep some at my freezer at work. 🙂

    • Mai-Lis says:

      I know, they’re the best! Its one of my clients too and they’re super nice so it makes it that much better 🙂

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