WIAW #80


Well, summer isn’t QUITE here yet officially but in my mind it has arrived.  Juicy strawberries and fresh tomatoes are making appearances on my plate and I am LOVING it!  The warm breeze is blowing through our house and the sounds of lawn mowers, birds and motor boats going by are filling the air.  I’m in heaven! This is why we live here.  Just as I was writing this I heard some fireworks going off, yup, its officially summer.  For some reason the people in this town are slightly obsessed with fireworks, they don’t care if its some random Tuesday night, FIREWORKS!  Just another few weeks and we’ll be able to see the July 4th fireworks going off in all of the surrounding towns, we have a great view from the 3rd floor of our house 🙂

Anyways, we’re here to look at some eats so here we go!

For breakfast this morning I had some fruit along with 1/2 a bagel with an egg and sliced tomato.



For lunch I had a salad and some vegan Olé Molé chili from the farmer’s market, I’m happy to be able to buy this again, it makes a great easy lunch.


For an afternoon snack I had a pickle and some pretzels dipped in chive cottage cheese.


For dinner I cooked up some green beans with tomatoes and garlic along with a side salad and some grilled chicken satay.  I’ll be posting the recipe for the satay marinade soon, its one of my favorite go-to marinades for summer grilling.

Head on over to Peas & Crayons for more yummy eats!



Heirloom Tomatoes.


I have waited ALL winter long and I finally picked up my first heirloom tomato at the market this weekend.  It was a little pricey at $4 but it was worth every penny.  Sweet & juicy and all deformed like the best of them 🙂 The first of many to come!


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