WIAW #68


Holy beautiful day out there today!  I realize that it won’t last long as the storms roll in again but it was SOO nice while it lasted.  To step outside, take a deep breath and feel the WARM sun on my face felt sooooo good!  I’m so ready, give me summer! NOW! Flip flops and grilling and sandy toes and juicy tomatoes, all of them! now!!

Well, I won’t deny that it was a great day of eats, workouts & weather but it was diminished slightly by an incident on our afternoon walk.  For whatever reason, Oto decided he didn’t like this Husky we were walking by and instead of sniffing him as he normally does he snapped out of nowhere.  I pulled him away quickly but I think he might have nipped the other dog because his tongue was bleeding 🙁  I felt so terrible and ashamed that Oto would do that, I have no idea what brought it on.  The lady was pretty upset and told me “I need to be careful with that dog” and I honestly didn’t know how to respond to her.  Have you guys ever had an incident like this?  Its tough because he’s fine with 80% of the dogs we come across, should I avoid ever letting him say hello to another dog again in the off chance that he might snap again?  I usually find that if I pull him away from a dog he gets more worked up whereas if I just let them say hello they can sniff & move on.  I would love your perspective on this because I don’t want to be a bad dog owner and be known as the girl with the dog that attacks, its really upsetting to me.

Anyways, we can leave dog psychology for another day, let’s talk about some eats!  For breakfast I had 1/2 an english muffin with almond butter and cinnamon and a green smoothie with apple, banana, strawberries, pineapple and kale.


For lunch I cooked up a mixture of snap peas, pancettea, asparagus, peppers & onions and served it with a few over easy eggs and a piece of toast.


Before crossfit I had a piece of bread with peanut butter and a banana.  The peanut butter was cold and wouldn’t spread and kept ripping up the bread so I just said screw it and shoved it in my face as is.  Do you guys refrigerate your peanut butter?  I feel like we should because we get the natural stuff but its SO hard to spread on things, I would much rather leave it in the pantry.  Tell me its ok! I’ll listen to you! Please!


For dinner I cooked up some spiced lamb meatballs and served it with a little cucumber yogurt sauce and a side of sautéed zucchini, peppers & onions.

Happy Hump Day!



I know you saw this coming but it definitely has to be the temperature today!


There are two awesome things about this photo.  #1 – its 61 degrees, duh  #2 – Its 5:39 and the sun is still high in the sky!! Woohoo, yay for more sunlight in the evening!!






5 Responses to WIAW #68

  1. Amanda says:

    Yesterday’s weather was SO nice! The sun felt amazing! As far as the refrigerated peanut butter thing, I find TJ’s brand to be spreadable even when cold, and I also made my own pb yesterday in my Vitamix and it’s an awesome consistency after being refrigerated. Just one ingredient – peanuts!
    Sorry about the situation with Oto. That’s tough. I’ve not been on your end, but I have had my dogs get attacked in the past, and that’s why we avoid parks and other dogs on our walks (unless it’s a clearly happy golden retriever or pug or something, then I always cross the street). Dogs, even the nicest ones, can be a little unpredictable or protective on the leash (my parents have a dog like this). And then of course there are the scary dogs – I actually bought ASPCA-recommended citronella spray (an alternative to pepper spray) that I keep with me after a couple of close encounters last year that made me super nervous.

    • Mai-Lis says:

      ooh, peanut butter in the vitamix, great idea – I’m going to have to try that! I guess maybe I’ll just avoid other dogs while we’re on the leash, I don’t want that to happen again 🙁 He’s usually better off leash anyways.

  2. Leigha says:

    I don’t refrigerate my natural peanut butter! Am I supposed to? lol! All of your eats sound so yummy!! That sounds like exactly something I would eat for breakfast!

  3. Kate Norris says:

    I don’t refrigerate natural peanut butter….it doesn’t last long enough around here for me to worry about it! ha!

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