WIAW #67


I have recently discovered one of the best perks of working from home and making your own hours: grocery shopping on weekday mornings.  Oh wow. It is seriously a WHOLE different world in there at 9:00 on a weekday morning.  I took a trip to Trader Joe’s this morning and it was basically me, two other people and the employees.  I strolled the aisles listening to the jazz music, took time scanning the shelves and left feeling calm & happy.  Just a LITTLE different from a weekend shopping trip: “scuse me mam, can I just squeeze by you, excuse me? HELLO! Move your damn CART!! Coming THROUGH! Oh yah – no problem, go ahead and write out a check and then balance your checkbook while I wait behind you, no problem, I don’t have anywhere to be, god dammit, there is seriously no parking?? Oh wait – maybe that’s a spot, nope! Just someone parking like an idiot.” I don’t know why I always did that to myself, weekday shopping it is now!

Anyways, let’s look at some eats for What I Ate Wednesday! For breakfast I had some sweet potato hash with two over easy eggs and a piece of toast.


After the morning shopping trip I snacked on some fresh raspberries.  I had to put them away quickly because I could seriously eat an entire container in one sitting – SO good!


For lunch I had a little leftover eggplant (with tomato sauce and cheese of course) and the usual spinach salad with leftover roasted broccoli, carrots, feta cheese and hummus.


For an afternoon snack before crossfit I had some pretzels with edamame hummus and a piece of toast with peanut butter.  That edamame hummus is the bomb! Only thing that sucks is the bottom is inverted and there is WAY less in there than I had hoped.  Damn you Trader Joe’s, you little tricksters!


For dinner I made baked potatoes which I mashed with some BBQ sauce topped with shredded chicken and served with a side of snow peas and pancetta.

Head on over to Peas & Crayons for more yummy eats!



The longer days!!

I love as we approach summer how the days get longer and we have more sunlight.  Its so nice having more light to enjoy the day and get stuff done!!





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  1. I love the longer days, too! I can’t wait for it to warm up outside!!

    This whole day of food looks perfect!! Serioulsy, those raspberries look amaazing!!

  2. Your description of TJ’s on the weekend is so perfect! It’s a madhouse! Even worse though (where I live) is trying to go after work during the week – the lines are in.sane. We usually go on Sunday mornings when other people are sleeping or at church, though there is a downside – no alcohol until noon!

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