WIAW #49 (On Thursday)


So here is What I Ate Wednesday. It really is What I Ate Wednesday this time instead of What I Ate on Tuesday.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been incapable of figuring out what day it is this week so let’s just screw with my head a little more and post this on Thursday.

For breakfast I had some goats milk yogurt with granola & raspberries and a piece of ezekiel toast with peanut butter.


For lunch I had some leftovers.  Last night I made butternut squash sloppy joes and they were delicious!  I’ll be posting the recipe soon for these bad boys.

I forgot to take a picture of my snack but I had some pretzels dipped in cottage cheese.


For dinner we had a spinach carrot salad and…


Curried squash carrot coconut soup.  Recipe for this one will be coming soon too!



Funny stuff like…. bird bums.


I thought this was pretty funny.  I always hear birds tromping around on our roof but I can never see them because, well, its the roof and I’m in the house.  This time however I peered out the window and saw three little bird bums hanging off the edge of the roof.  Funny little things… (when they’re not in our bedroom of course)…

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  1. Mai-Lis you’re a genius. Butternut squash sloppy joes? YES, please. 🙂

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