Prosciutto, Peach & Mozzarella Salad


Just because fall is here doesn’t mean we have to stop making huge fresh salads. I don’t have any complicated secret recipe to share today, just an idea for a killer salad that is super easy and totally dinner party worthy. We had a get-together a few weeks ago with 4 sets of twins, yes FOUR. It was pure chaos and there was pretty much a steady stream of babies screaming the entire time but it was still fun to get together with other parents who totally get it, no judgement whatsoever. I made this salad and served it with a balsamic vinaigrette and it was delicious!

Prosciutto, Peach & Mozarella Salad

I started with a bed of fresh arugula and topped it with ribbons of zucchini (made with the vegetable peeler), juicy peach slices, small mozzarella balls and small pieces of thinly sliced prosciutto.

Prosciutto, Peach & Mozarella Salad

Lately I’ve been serving salads spread out on wide serving platters rather than piling it in a deep bowl. I think you can show of the ingredients better this way and you don’t loose all of the good stuff on the bottom. If you have a serving platter, give it a try next time, it works much better.

Meanwhile, these little boys are getting SO big, I can’t even believe it…


They both have their own amazing personalities. Camden is observant and calm but loves a good belly laugh and is OB-SESSED with bouncing. Jax is the happiest little baby I’ve ever seen, his smile lights up the room, his giggle is contagious and he’s ready to start climbing walls soon, this kid is going to get into everything.



They are totally starting to interact and it’s a blast to watch. They are obsessed with each other’s eye balls and pretty much spend the entire day trying to steal each others toys. It’s so cool to think that they will have a best friend to grow up with and will share such a special bond.


Warm evening walks with the boys.

StrollerRunsThere aren’t many of them left but I’ve been trying to soak in the few nice summer-like evenings we have left.  I’m going to miss my long stroller walks.


This was an incredible summer, I love fall but I am going to miss the flip-flop weather, long days and warm breezes. Until next year! Bring on the apples, sweatshirts and pumpkin spice!


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    WOW! It looks awesomely yummy! Gotta try this one at home.

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