Corn, Poblano & Avocado Soup

I got this idea for this soup from Jessica over at How Sweet It Is.   I pinned it to a board on pinterest but I knew it wasn’t going to be too long before I made it since I had corn & poblano peppers in the fridge.  Sure enough, it took about one day before I was whipping this baby up.  It was kick butt!

One day last week I was having an incredibly stressful work day and I needed to take a break so I took a little “cook therapy” break and made this soup for lunch.  It was comforting, tasty and spicy, exactly what I was craving at that moment.

I made this in my vitamix but you could easily heat everything up in a pot and then blend it at the end.

This is what I added to my blender:

•  2 ears of corn cooked & stripped from cob
•  2 poblano peppers (roasted until charred)
•  1 cup skim milk
•  1 tablespoon of earth balance
•  1 tablespoon parmesan cheese
•  1/4 avocado
•  1 clove garlic
•  salt, pepper & garlic powder

The vitamix is great because it makes everything so creamy and smooth, but its nice to have a little texture in there so I served it with some leftover corn and parmesan cheese.

The great part about blending corn in a soup is that it automatically creates a delicious creamy soup and you don’t need to add a ton of butter & cream.  The roasted poblanos take it up a notch in flavor & spice, just alter this recipe according to your preferences, it was pretty spicy but I like spicy foods.

Overall, the perfect summer soup!  Enjoy!



Our little tomato.

Remember that rogue tomato plant that popped up in our flower-pot?  There were obviously some tomato seeds left in the soil from last year, so despite the fact that I didn’t plant any tomatoes, a little plant popped up.  I didn’t touch it and waited to see if it could make it on its own.  Well it did! And it produced 2 cute cherry tomatoes.  Yes two precious little tomatoes.  It’s funny how vegetables mean so much more when you grow them yourself.  I almost didn’t want to eat them they looked so perfect but I gave in today and gobbled it up.  And it was delicious.



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