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WIAW #96


Hey there! Since I’m sucking it up in the recipe creation/cooking department lately I figured I would at least check in and partake in a good old What I Ate Wednesday.  Everything is going well here, I’m just trying to take it one day at a time and take it easy as much as I can without going absolutely bonkers.  I feel like my stomach is resting on my face and have no idea how my skin is going to stretch any more to make room for these growing babies but apparently it will, it’s slightly terrifying to think about.  I hate to focus so much on the pregnancy thing since I know some people just don’t care to hear about it but I totally get it now, why people talk about it all the time when they’re going through it. It’s not something that you can just switch off and then suddenly remember, oh yah, that’s right, I’m pregnant! Its something that is a part of your being 24 hours a day, it pretty much effects every thought you have on a daily basis and it becomes ALL you can think about.  It feels as if aliens have invaded your body and you’re slowing being transformed into something you don’t even recognize.  As weird as it is, I’m so grateful to be having this experience and grateful that my body seems to know what to do (that makes one of us, cause I have NO idea what’s going on in there). I’m also grateful that my two boys seem to be growing well and they’re happy in there, let’s hope they can hang on for another few months!

Anyways, what were we doing here? Oh yah, my eats for Wednesday.  For breakfast I had a piece of toast, some sausage, apple slices and scrambled eggs with cheese & artichoke dip.  YUM.


I’ve been having a mid-morning snack recently even though I’m not really that hungry.  In fact, I don’t really get hungry at all anymore, I don’t think there is any room left in there for my stomach to operate. I’ve noticed that as the day goes along I have less interest in eating so I try to get my calories in during the first part of the day so I make sure I get enough nutrients in there to help them grow.  I used to ALWAYS need an afternoon snack to make it through the day and lately I’ve had no interest in one, it might also have to do with the fact that my activity level is below that of a sloth these days so I guess I’m just not burning the calories I used to.  I had a bowl of honey almond flax cereal for my mid-morning snack.  Again, something else new – I’ve never really bought cereal before but since I’m trying to consume more milk these days, cereal seemed like a decent choice.


For lunch I had some Pumpkin Beef chili. I’ll be posting the recipe for this one soon, I got another package from Stubb’s recently and they sent me some of their new Cookin’ Sauces, one of which was a slow cooker chili packet. Holy freakin’ yum, I’ll talk about it more when I post the photos.


For dinner i was craving something bad and there was this massive pizza crust that has been assaulting me in our freezer for weeks so I decided it was time to whip that baby out and make a buffalo chicken pizza.  It was pretty freaking good. Oh and of course, the spinach salad on the side for good measure.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Head on over to Peas & Crayons to say hi, grab some recipes, share some laughs…



Feeling the little duders move around in there.


I’m pretty sure that one of them is going to be a boxer since he likes to punch my pelvis over and over like its a punching bag and the other one is going to be an American Ninja Warrier because he likes to practice his karate kicks on my stomach all. day. long.

It’s completely fine with me though, it always makes me smile.  I love feeling them move around having a ball in there, they’re just working on getting big and strong so they can come out on time and then come right home with us so they can keep us up all night and poop everywhere cuddle with us and show us those cute little baby smiles.

WIAW #95


I’m all messed up on days right now, it feels like it should be Tuesday but in reality, the work week is halfway over already.  Not complaining here!  I’m actually surprised I remembered to take pictures of my eats yesterday for What I Ate Wednesday!  We had an awesome weekend in Nantucket with friends but I’ll share more about that later.  For now, here are my eats.  I had the (now usual) steel cut oats for breakfast with apples, dried cranberries, chia seeds, flax and milk.


I had a little snack around 10:30 to hold me over until lunch; some popchips with cottage cheese.


For lunch I made a caesar salad with spinach & baby kale and then had some indian paneer over quinoa & brown rice.


For an afternoon snack I had some carrots dipped in hummus and a huge crunchy apple!

dinnerI almost forgot to take a picture of my dinner but I had a lightbulb moment about halfway through so I snapped this picture for you.  I had another salad, some butternut squash risotto and a Dogfish Head Espresso Habanero sausage.  It was good but SPICY!  The boys were having a dance party in my belly after that one.

Happy Wednesday!!


This weekend!


This is probably our last trip we’ll take before the babies arrive so we soaked it all up and enjoyed sleeping in, going out to dinner and packing only 2 bags for the entire trip.  Tom & I (mostly me) have an issue with overpacking so I’m frightened about how much stuff we’re going to bring with us when we have two little ones in tow.



Friday was absolutely gorgeous, we spent some time getting settled in to the house, stocking the fridge with beer (and seltzer), and then we went out to a FANTASTIC dinner at The Sea Grille.  This may have been one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had.  The pasta was homemade and it was topped with grilled lobster, a fresh tomato garlic sauce and some drizzled pesto.  Holy guacamole, I’ll be dreaming about this one for years to come.


Unfortunately the weather on Saturday was a bit of a bust, it was POURING rain with lots of wind; the type of day where you just want to stay inside.  So, that’s exactly what we did.  It was nice though, its been a long time since I’ve had a completely lazy day like that and it makes it much more fun when you have great friends to share it with.  We put together this puzzle which pretty much took all day.  I think we put the last piece in the sky at about midnight and literally cheered out loud, it was a doozy!


We were blessed with a gorgeous day on Sunday so we all went out to brunch to celebrate Steph & Alicia’s completion of the half marathon and then spent the rest of the day walking around town shopping and eating.

It was a great weekend with great people!  Looking forward to making it back to Nantucket again some day, my heart is in Martha’s Vineyard where some of my best friend’s live but Nantucket certainly had its own special charm.

WIAW #93


Hey there, Happy Wednesday!  I’m realizing that my eats for What I Ate Wednesday are a little messy looking and not very colorful but they were pretty delicious so here we go!  I’m going to call this the yellow day.

For breakfast I had a big bowl of steel cut oats with apples, cinnamon, flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut and dried cranberries along with a pumpkin spice waffle with peanut butter on top.  It seems like every time I go into Whole Foods, their stock of these things are cleaned out pretty well so its obviously a popular flavor.  I hope they stick around for a while because they are SO GOOD!


I’m starting to get quite the baby bump growing, I caught my silhouette the other day on the wall as the sun was setting and it took me a second to realize how big I was getting.  Its so weird to see you body changing like this, every time I pass by a mirror or my reflection I have to stop & pause, holy crap! That’s me!

I’ve officially stopped Cross Fit for the remainder of the pregnancy.  I could have probably gone a few more weeks but they say you should stop all rigorous exercise by the 2nd trimester or 24 weeks at the latest with twins.  I’m currently 23 weeks so I figured it would be best to just be safe and cut back now so I don’t increase my risk of preterm labor.  I’ve been taking afternoon walks with Oto and doing some stretching and light weights at the house for now.  I’m realizing how hard its going to be to go back after all of this and see how far behind I am but I’m also excited for the challenge to build my endurance and muscles back up.  I’m hoping we can find a way to fit it into the schedule once the twins are born.



Anywho, on to some more eats.  I froze some of the chili from last week so I reheated some of that for lunch and had it alongside some leftover mashed sweet potatoes.


For an afternoon snack I had some multigrain chips, a wedge of garlic herb cheese and an apple.  People keep asking me if I’m having any weird cravings and although my diet has stayed mainly normal I’ve been wanting chips like something bad.  I could eat chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could.  Of course I’m trying to keep it under control and just snack on them occasionally but I guess that’s my one weird pregnancy thing.


For dinner I made a 1/2 chicken in the slow cooker and then made a little chicken salad out of it and ate it over some spinach, carrots and roasted delicata squash.


A fresh clean room!

guestroomWe’ve been working on rearranging the house to make way for the nursery.  So far we have cleared out Tom’s man cave (sorry love), moved my office in there and then moved the guest room into where my office was.  I love starting a room off fresh and clean and spending time setting everything up.  Now we just need to hire someone to paint the nursery and get started on the furniture buying process.  So much to do and so little time!  I’ll post some pics when the nursery is done, we’re going to do grey walls with yellow, white & acqua accents.  Can’t wait to get it all done!


WIAW #92


Happy Fall everyone!  I know it was officially fall like last week or something but with the hot weekend we had, I feel like it’s actually starting this week.  I’m bringing out the sweaters and starting to crave things like hot oatmeal and soups.  The vibrant leaves are changing and the days are getting shorter.  This is probably the first year that I haven’t been sad for the end of summer. Reason number one is that NONE of my summer clothes fit me any more and its pretty miserable being large and hot, I’m so glad I skipped out on that really pregnant in the dead of summer thing!  Reason number two is that there are so many exciting things coming up in the next few months.  We have a TON of stuff to prepare before the little monsters arrive but I seriously cannot wait! The next 3 months are going to fly by!

Anyways, since its fall now and I’ve made my mental shift, let’s look at some of my fall eats from yesterday.

For breakfast I had a big bowl of steel-cut oats that I made with a mixture of water & apple cider, then I added a little maple syrup, cinnamon, chia seeds, coconut, dried cranberries, diced apples & a splash of almond milk.  YUM.


I usually eat breakfast around 6:30 and don’t get around to eating lunch until around 12 so I usually have a little mid-morning snack to hold me over.  This time it was a few bites of cottage cheese.


For lunch I had a salad and some leftover Thai meatballs which I made in a red coconut curry sauce along with some brown rice & quinoa.



For an afternoon snack I had some Sweet Potato yogurt with KIND peanut butter granola and cinnamon on top.  This was my first time trying this yogurt and it was really good.  I was mostly drawn in by the nice packaging design, that black really stood out among all of the white yogurt containers.  Plus they had some pretty cool unique flavors like carrot and beet, how cool is that?  Check them out if you can find them in your grocery store, I picked them up at Whole Foods.


For dinner I made a big batch of chili in the slow cooker.  No special recipe, just ground beef, fire roasted tomatoes, black & kidney beans, zucchini, onions and LOTS of yummy spices.  I’ll be eating this for a few more meals this week for sure!

I forgot to take a pic but I also had a little granola before bed.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


The farmer’s market in the fall.


There are so many awesome things at the market this time of year, I love seeing the booths all decked out in pumpkins, apples and squash, I just wish I could bring a shopping cart or something, I never seem to have enough room in that little bag I bring!  Make sure you guys get out there and support your local farmers this fall!


WIAW #91


Hey there!  Since its Wednesday and we’re looking at my eats for the day, I figured I’d talk quickly about how my eating has changed since this whole preggos thing started.  I’ve been extremely lucky to have avoided the whole morning sickness and food aversion thing but that isn’t to say that my eating habits haven’t changed slightly.  I’m still eating similar things, like this breakfast for example or my usual salad at lunch, but I’ve been trying to add more whole grains, proteins and dairy to the mix.  In the past, I’ve tried to limit my intake of bread and full fat dairy, but I know these little guys need some extra fuel to grow big and strong so I’m trying to give them what they need.  I’ve read a few books on having a healthy twin pregnancy and much to my dismay, a lot of them stress the importance of gaining weight.  There are so many preterm births with twins but they say you can drastically reduce your chances by putting on the prescribed amount of weight.  Of course, you’re supposed to do it eating healthy stuff like vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, nuts & oils.  Easier said than done!


So, there it is! The pregnant belly!  People are no longer guessing that I might be pregnant, now it’s turned to “When are you due?”  I’m into my 21st week now and obviously showing about double what you would be showing in a singleton pregnancy.  The checkout lady at the supermarket yesterday asked if I needed help getting groceries into my car and wherever I go, benches clear out for a place for me to sit down, its kind of a funny thing to get used to.  I realize I should be taking advantage of those benches but at this point, I still feel like a normal active person, just with a much larger belly and the need to make a bathroom break every 2 minutes.  I’ve continued CrossFit up until this point at a very scaled pace but I think I may only be able to continue for another few weeks, I’m just getting a little too uncomfortable at this point and I don’t want to risk anything.

So, gaining weight and being ok with it? It’s a hard thing to get used to, it’s like I’m erasing everything I’ve learned in this lifetime.  I’ve gained 16 pounds so far which I guess is right on par with where I should be, they say you should gain 4-6 pounds in the first trimester and then 1.5 pounds a week during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.  It’s still hard not to cry when I see these numbers popping up on the scale, I’m just trying to think that it’s mostly babies and fluid, right? right??  Whatever, my main goal right now is to grow two healthy boys and carry them to term and if that means weighing in at more than I ever thought I would, I guess I’m going to have to deal with it!

Anyways, let’s get on with some eats for the rest of the day!


For lunch I had a salad with broccoli, cauliflower & feta along with some leftovers.  I’m hoping I can post this recipe for you because it was really good, the texture didn’t come out as I was expecting but the flavors were great.  It is a spaghetti squash carbonara.  I decided to make the spaghetti squash in the slow cooker but it was a little overcooked and didn’t have that stringy spaghetti-like texture.  Either way, it was delicious, a blend of squash, peas, bacon & parmesan. Yum!


I had quite the variety of snacks today.  I was out of the house for a little while yesterday afternoon and needed a quick fix so I had a dark chocolate sunflower butter cup to hold me over.  For a snack before Crossfit I had a (hand-picked :)) honey crisp apple and a few bits of Cocomama Crunched Out.  I also had a little spritzer that has been my afternoon treat lately.  This one was black cherry seltzer with a splash of apple cider.  My favorite from last week was mandarin seltzer with coconut water and a splash of orange juice, it tasted like a less sweet Orangina.


Tom & I were pretty hungry and exhausted by the time we got back from our workout so we just made up a quick dinner of some buffalo chicken salad sandwiches and a green salad.

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This past weekend.


We went down to Newport this weekend for a little get together with my family from the west coast.  It is always so great to see them, they recently bought a house in Newport so we’re lucky to get to spend more time with them now.  I feel so lucky to have such a great family and not one single person that I don’t get along with.  We also got to spend some time with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and new niece who were visiting from Guam where they’re stationed with the Navy.  Overall, it was a fantastic weekend full of sunshine, laughs and great times.

WIAW #90


Happy hump day! I’m really sad that summer is essentially coming to a close but I am SO excited to jump into pumpkin and apple season and start making up huge batches of cozy soups.  Breakfast yesterday was my first pumpkin anything this year and oh boy was it good!  I picked up these Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice waffles at the store the other day and I’m already planning my next purchase, they are SO good!  Plus they’re full of some other good stuff like quinoa, amaranth & flax so I feel a little less guilty eating waffles for breakfast.  I also picked up a new yogurt to try called Quark, its a german style yogurt and has a lot of protein in it so I figured I’d give it a try.  My thoughts?  Well, if you like stevia, then you would totally love this yogurt.  I should have known when it only had 6g of sugar in it but I didn’t think to check the ingredients.  I can’t stand any fake sugar of any kind, natural or not, it tastes repulsive to me.  SO, I have another one that is plain which I’m assuming doesn’t contain any stevia so I’ll give that a try and hope that I like it better, if not – I’ll have to move back to my greek or sheeps milk yogurt.


For lunch I made a big spinach salad with avocado, feta & croutons along with a curried baby shrimp salad.


I picked up my first few apples of the season at the Farmer’s Market this weekend and I was blown away by how good they were.  I didn’t think they would be that great this early in the season but they were crispy and juicy and sweet, I’m going to have to stock up on some more this weekend.  For an afternoon snack I had an apple with a few slices of cheddar cheese and some peanut butter.


There is a community garden near our house and they put out produce for people to take.  Tom was walking down there last weekend and saw tomatoes so he brought home two massive bags of tomatoes.  We’re finally making our way through them.   Last night I made a quiche with tomatoes, cheddar & basil.  The best part about quiche for dinner?  Leftovers for breakfast!

Happy Wednesday! Head on over to Peas & Crayons for more yummy fall eats.



The idea that fall is coming!

FallI’m soaking up these last few warm days and loving them but I can’t wait for fall everything!  Its even more exciting to think that next fall we’ll have two little boys to bring apple picking with us and jump in the leaves with. Ok, maybe they won’t be jumping by then, but I’m sure they’d love to crawl around in the leaves at least. Can’t wait to show them all the joys of our amazing seasons in New England.


WIAW #89


Woohoooo for 4 day weeks!  Now just for that whole, trying to fit 5 days of work into 4 days things, ahhh!  Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend.  We’ve been doing so much traveling this summer, we were excited to actually spend some time at home and enjoy the island and time with friends.  We got to do just that!  We got some BBQ’s in, some beach days and some nice exercise while enjoying the beautiful weather; overall the perfect weekend!

Anyways, its What I Ate Wednesday and you know what that means. SO, for breakfast I had a breakfast sandwich made with homemade turkey breakfast sausage, an egg and steel cut oat bread (and half a deliciously ripe, oh-so-yummy mango on the side).


For lunch I made an open faced tomato sandwich with cheddar cheese and artichoke spread along with a salad and some leftover sausage.  I picked up some Dogfish Head sausage at the store the other day, oh boy was it yummy!  This one was chicken sausage flavored with espresso powder and habanero pepper. Spicy spicy but delicious!


My afternoon snack was super random.  I had some carrots with artichoke feta spread (recipe coming soon) and some leftover roasted potatoes.


Tom & I were super hungry heading back from crossfit so we decided to just stop and grab a chicken kabob salad since we still had grocery shopping to do.  I’m sure you’ve seen this one before and it probably won’t be the last time, its our go-to quick meal.

Happy Wednesday, the weekend will be here before we know it!



A cool shower after a day on the beach.

shower-imageIt was so hot on Monday, we knew that we would be spending our day on the beach.  So we spent the day lounging in the sand and staying cool in the frigid water.  It always feels SO good after a long day at the beach to jump into a cool shower with that sun-kissed skin to wash away all the sweat & sand.


WIAW #88


Happy Wednesday!  Hope you all had a great weekend & beginning to the week!  We were in Maine this weekend for Tom’s triathalon (more on that later), but let’s have a quick look at some eats for What I Ate Wednesday.

For breakfast I had a salsa & cheese omelette with an English Muffin and a kiwi (oh and of course some green tabasco sauce).  I know it has a name but I’m too lazy to look it up so I’m calling it the green stuff for now.  I always heap that stuff on when I’m out at restaurants but I’ve never actually bought any to have at home.  BUT, now I do, so that shit is going on everything! (sorry Franks Red Hot, I stole your line).


For lunch, my eyes were a little bigger than my stomach so I couldn’t finish it all but it was delicious!  I had a spinach and baby kale salad with tomatoes, beets, feta, pickled peppers and hummus.  I also had some Indian Jaipur vegetables over quinoa & brown rice with a little leftover piece of garlic naan.  I went out to dinner for Indian the night before with a friend and I got my usual Chicken Tikki Masala that is always SO GOOD!  Unfortunately I got really sick in the middle of the night and couldn’t think of anything else I had eaten that could have caused it so much to my dismay I threw out all the leftovers 🙁  It was a tragedy.  Thankfully I had a packet of Jaipur Veggies in the pantry so it became my Indian replacement.


For an afternoon snack I had some carrots and roasted red pepper hummus (along with a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese not pictured).


For dinner I made salmon with a creamy mustard dill sauce, I’m going to post the recipe for this one soon, it was super easy and super delicious.  I had it along with some broccoli and brown rice quinoa blend.  BTW – check out the bag for that in the lunch picture, it is my new favorite product.  It comes in a microwave pouch and is lightly flavored with garlic.  I like cooking grains but they always take so long, having them ready-to-go for quick dinners is the BEST!  I can find them at Whole Foods and the natural section at Stop & Shop, the brand is called Seeds Of Change.  They look like a totally awesome company too!

Happy Wednesday! Check out more yummy eats at Peas & Crayons!



Watching people achieve their goals.


This weekend, Tom completed his first half ironman triathalon.  In case you don’t know, that consists of a 1.2 mile (open water ocean) swim, a 56 mile bike ride and then finish it up with running a half marathon. I’m tired just writing that, I can’t even imagine actually completing it.  I planted the idea in his head this spring when he started doing a bunch of running and then started bike training for the Trek Across Maine.  I jokingly said “Now all you have to do is learn how to swim well and you can do a triathalon.”  I’m pretty sure it was less than a week before gear started arriving at our house and he had signed up for a training program.  He spent all summer training on long bike rides and runs and going early to the gym to get his swims in.  I completely admire his dedication to it, when he puts his mind to something, he does it. Period.  This was his first event longer than a 5K and he did it like it was nothing.

We went up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine this weekend for the event.  It was a gorgeous sunny crisp day and they started out with the swim in the icy atlantic waters at 6:20 in the morning.  Standing on that beach watching the sun rise and all those arms out there splashing in the water, I was overcome with unexpected emotion.  It was so amazing to see all of these people so dedicated to achieving their goals and pushing their limits.  It was incredible to see all of those same people cross the finish line later that afternoon, I was amazed by each and every one of them.  There were even some blind people crossing the finish line, seriously?  Way to make me feel like a complete lazy ass, you’re doing this BLIND?  I thought about how each and every one of those people crossing the finish line had their own story and had put so much into making it to that point.  People are really so amazing, it  really inspired me.

Congrats Tom, so proud of you!


WIAW #87


So I’m currently in the punishment stage for taking a vacation and am buried in work up to my eyebrows.  As a result, I haven’t had much for you guys lately but I wanted to check in with a quick What I Ate Wednesday post to say hi and tell you I’m still alive.

Let’s take a look at some eats, shall we?  For breakfast I had a few whole wheat waffles and an egg and salsa scramble.


Lunch probably looks pretty familiar, I had a big spinach salad and some Olé Mole Chili (the usual from the Farmer’s Market).


For a snack I had some pretzels & cottage cheese, I guess it was a pretty normal day of eating for me, nothing too new here.  I totally forgot to snap a picture of my dinner but I made some buffalo chicken breasts and served it along with some salad and fresh corn.

Since I have nothing to show you for dinner, instead, I’ll go into a quick rant about how much this little squirrel pissed me off yesterday.


So, just to give you a little back story… We basically have no land so whatever we grow is limited to the few containers and pots we have.  I planted a bunch of flowers at the beginning of the season and for the most part they’re doing well.  Except for this gerbera daisy that I got.  When I got it there were three beautiful blooms on it and then within a few weeks, they turned brown and fell off.  So I was determined to nurture this plant and make it come back.  So I trimmed it and kept it watered and sure enough, 3 months later, I finally got ONE gorgeous light pink bloom on the plant.  It made me smile every time I went out to my car.

Yesterday, I come home from grocery shopping and look at the pot and see this squirrel sitting in the pot with both his hands on the flower, just staring at me saying “I’m going to take this and there’s nothing you can do about it.”  We sat there staring at each other for about 30 seconds while I whispered “don’t you even dare..” just as he grabbed the entire flower in his mouth, jumped up to the fence and proceeded to nibble it into little pieces.  I jumped out of the car and chased after him yelling obscenities but he made off with the one and only flower of the summer 🙁  Damn squirrel.  I posted this pic on facebook and apparently I’m not the only one dealing with squirrel issues.

Anyways, happy Wednesday and sorry for the lack of posting lately!


Our Saturday morning routine.

WeekendMorningWe’ve started a new Saturday morning routine this summer and its seriously the BEST way to start the weekend.  We wake up early, usually around 6:30 or 7 and walk down to order some breakfast.  We eat outside on the water and sometimes read the paper, while Oto sits there quietly waiting for a dropped piece.  Then we take a super long walk, usually 4-6 miles and end up getting back to the house before 9 or 10.  Its so nice to get out and enjoy the cool morning air and get your exercise in before most people are even rolling out of bed.  I’m not ready for summer to end!


WIAW #86


Happy Wednesday!  I missed the party last week so I’m back to participate today.  I always go a little crazy on my first grocery shopping trip after vacation so our fridge is completely chock full of yummy food right now.  I’m actually having a hard time choosing what to make for my meals because there are so many good options!  I’m glad that this records Tuesdays eats when the fridge is still full, its a WHOLE different story by Thursday or Friday when I’m scrounging up the last bits of leftovers and stuff in the fridge.

Anyways, here’s my eats!  For breakfast I had some Van’s frozen Whole Grain waffles topped with fresh blueberries.  I also made a chocolate protein smoothie with frozen banana, strawberries, pineapple, almond milk, peanut butter & chocolate protein powder.  YUM!


For lunch I had a salmon burger that I picked up from the farmer’s market along with a spinach salad and some cottage cheese.


For an afternoon snack I had some greek yogurt with chia seeds, blueberries and fresh figs.  Aren’t figs so beautiful?  Its like a little surprise every time you cut into one.  They were on sale at the store so I couldn’t help myself.  I never really know what to do with them so I usually just end up eating them in yogurt.  I’m thinking I’m going to try to make a roasted fig spread with the rest of them, I’ll let you know how it turns out.


I had some leftover lamb from lamb burgers the night before so I cooked up a sauce with eggplant, lamb, spices and Trader Joe’s Bruschetta.  It was delicious! Looking forward to the leftovers today.  I served it over a brown rice quinoa blend and then we had the usual spinach salad on the side.

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Watching little kids walk.


I love watching kids navigate the whole walking thing when they just learn, its so cute its hard not to smile.  They always go through a stage of looking slightly inebriated, no I’m not laughing at them, I’m laughing WITH them! SO CUTE!!