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Things I’m Loving Lately…


Its been a while since I’ve done a “Things I’m Loving” post so I figured Friday would be a great day to bring it back!  Here is a small list of things I’ve been digging lately.

#1 on the list is this pre-brewed iced coffee we picked up at Whole Foods.  When the weather starts getting warmer, I find it more and more difficult to enjoy my hot cup of coffee in the morning but I totally suck at making iced coffee.  I’ve tried coffee iced cubes, cold brewing, double strength coffee, and just about every other trick but it just doesn’t taste as good as a cold Starbucks iced coffee.  This 1/2 gallon was about $5 at Whole Foods which saves you a lot of money if you’re a regular Starbucks visitor.  It’s really good too! Its been in the fridge about 5 days and it still tastes good! Score!


#2 La Croix Peach-Pear sparkling water.  I try to stick to regular water most of the time but I’ve been loving these sparkling waters lately.  When I hit my 3:00 work slump and I need a little break I go get one of these and it gives me something interesting to enjoy with my snack.  This flavor kind of reminds me of pear Jelly Bellys (in a good way).  I tried the coconut flavor recently which I was excited about but it ended up tasting like sparkling suntan lotion. I drank them all anyways but I think I’ll pass on that flavor next time. Do you guys have a favorite sparkling water flavor?  I also love Spindrift Seltzers, they’re one of my beloved brands 🙂


#3 Girls. I just got done watching all of the existing Girls episodes.  OMG, such a good show!  The characters are so complex and funny and the whole show is just so honest and entertaining.  I’m in-love with each and every one of them (while kind of hating them at the same time).  If you haven’t watched the show and you’re a female between the ages of 20-40, you need to get on it and watch it now!


#4 My compression socks.  I’ve been loving my compression socks for runs lately.  I often get sore shins when I run and these really seem to help.  They’re also great at Crossfit on rope climbing days 🙂

(Isn’t that the strangest angle of my foot?)


#5 TP Massageball.  I’ve had a really intense week of exercise so this massage ball has been my best friend lately, I’m SO sore!  I roll on top of it and it helps work out those nasty knots in my back.

I’m really proud of my commitment to working out this week, last week was kind of sad so I’m making up for it now.

Saturday – 8 mile run, Sunday – 5 mile run, Monday – Crossfit, Tuesday – Crossfit, Wednesday – 4 mile run, Thursday – Crossfit.  I think it might be time for a rest day soon!


#6 My robins egg blue pedicure (sorry for the nasty feet). I’m loving this color for spring!


#7 Letter Be Calligraphy.  My friend Lesley is a super talented calligrapher and she does all sorts of beautiful things like stamps and wedding calligraphy.  Check out her store on Etsy, her stuff is SO beautiful!  She is currently working a new hand-drawn logo for A Sunshiny Day so you’ll be seeing a change up there soon!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!


Things I’m Loving Lately…

Me & Oto

Hey guys!  Sorry I’ve been bad about posting this week.  I’ve been really busy with work and I’ve had some late nights full of Crossfit, meetings & spending time with friends.  I haven’t had a lot of time to do much creative cooking to share so I figured I’d stop in to say hi and show you some things I’m loving lately.  I just found this group of photos that were taken of Oto & I a while back and they made me smile.  We were “models” for a veterinary medicine company brochure.  I actually completely forgot about it until I found the photos, there were some cute ones in there.

Ok, here’s what I’m loving lately…


All of the amazing heart-warming holiday recipes showing up on Pinterest & sites like FoodGawker.  It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just looking at them.  Time to whip out the pumpkin spice!!


The Mindy Project.  If you haven’t seen this show, you really need to watch it.  It’s completely hilarious and always puts me in a good mood.  Mindy Kaling is a genius, plus she’s from Massachusetts, what what!?


Crossfit.  I’ve been having so much fun with it lately.  I’ve moved beyond the terrified stage and I’m finally settling in and getting comfortable.  The workouts are intense and its a lot of fun working on the skills and getting stronger.


My new Sketcher’s Go Run sneakers.  This my third pair of Go Run’s that I’ve purchased.  They are my FAVORITIST shoe ever!  I refuse to buy anything else now.  I was disappointed when we went to the Sketcher’s store last weekend because they didn’t have many great colors in the new version.  Then I came across an old style in another store and there were only $50, SCORE!  I finally retired my beach bootcamp shoes, I don’t think they’ll ever empty of the pounds of sand they were carrying.


My new Michael Kors down jacket.  I found this at TJ Maxx the other day. I know right?? Double Score!!  Its been pretty damn cold here lately and this jacket has been so perfect!  It weighs like minus two pounds and it’s SO warm! Plus its hunter green and has these fancy gold zippers.  We went out for breakfast right after I bought it and of course I had to put it on right away.  The second we walked in the restaurant I had someone saying “I like your jacket.” hehe 🙂 No buyers remorse here!


Rooibos Orange Vanilla tea.  I realized lately that I drink too much coffee because I was starting to get really bad headaches every time I forgot to have a cup.  I decided to give it up for a little while so I didn’t depend on it so much.  This caffeine-free tea has been a great stand-in to hold something warm in the morning when I sit down for work.


Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins.  I’m loving these so much lately.  They make such a good breakfast just toasted up with some butter.  They keep me full for so long!

Happy weekend everyone!!


Things I’m Loving Lately…

I always love to read these posts that other bloggers do so I decided to done one of my own.  Here are some of the things that I’m Loving Lately!


Watching my baby peppers grow!  Our pepper plants are finally producing some peppers and they’re so freakin’ cute!  I go out every day to see how big they’re getting.  Can’t wait to eat these guys.


We’ve also been getting a ton of tomatoes off our tomato plant lately so I’ve been averaging 1-3 big tomatoes a day.  They’re so sweet and juicy, all they need is a little sprinkle of salt and pepper!  I’m pretty proud of what we’ve been able to grow in containers, I would love to have a big garden some day but for now, this will do.


The cooler drier air lately.  It has made our afternoon walks so much more pleasant!  Fall is coming, I feel it in the air!


My polar heart rate monitor.  I can’t say this has really been “lately” since I’ve been using it for a few years now but I love this thing.  It give me motivation to push a little harder during my workout and allows me to measure approximately how many calories I burned.


Reading.  Tom & I have been doing a “no screens (computer or TV) an hour before bed” rule.  Its been so nice to have extra reading time at the end of the day.  These are two books that I finished recently, they were both AMAZING.


Stitch Fix.  If you haven’t done this yet, you totally need to try it.  I’m hooked on it.  I’ve had two fixes so far and they are so much fun.  If you haven’t heard of it, you sign up for a fix and answer questions about your style.  Then a stylist shops for you and sends you a box of things they think you’ll love.  You try it all on, keep the stuff you like and send back the items you don’t.  If you want to sign up, use this link and I’ll get a credit on my account! (and I’ll love you forever)


My new Vapur water bottle.  This thing is so cool!  Its flexible so when its empty you can roll it up so it doesn’t take up any space.  It has a wide mouth so you can fit ice in it, its super light, BPA free, dishwasher safe and it has a handy little clip so you can hook it to your backpack or whatnot.  I’m really bad at remembering to drink enough water during the day so this new toy is helping motivate me right now 🙂