Asian Crab & Avocado Salad

Asian Crab Avocado Salad

Holy Moly, yesterday was GORGEOUS!  I took a nice long walk with Oto and I was sweating in my light sweatshirt. Is that why them call them that? hmm…  Yah so it was 60 degrees yesterday.  And it was January.  Now THAT makes me happy!  I guess I’ll just start off with WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY today.  Here is a pic I took on our walk.


Can we say GORGEOUS!?  After I took this photo I stood there for a little bit, tilted my head back, closed my eyes, felt the warmth of the sun on my face and took a deep breath of ocean air.  If that isn’t enough to make you happy I don’t know what is.  What an amazing lunch break!

Asian Crab Avocado Salad

Ok, now on to this delicious salad.  I decided I to get a little creative with some crab this weekend since I usually just turn to crab cakes every time I buy it.  I’m sure this would be even more amazing if you used some fresh crab meat but all I could find was the packaged stuff in the seafood section.

Overall, it was the perfect light lunch.  I was only able to finish 1/2 of it, it was surprisingly filling!

Asian Crab Avocado Salad

You like my new piece of slate?  Is it sad that I get excited over slate these days?  I found an old slate shingle at the salvage place the other day for $2 and I felt like I had hit the jackpot.  This isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of this guy, he’ll be making a regular appearance in my shots now.

Asian Crab Avocado Salad


Asian Crab & Avocado Salad

Allergy Fish
Dietary Vegetarian
Meal type Lunch, Main Dish, Salad
Misc Serve Cold


  • 8oz lump crabmeat
  • 1/2 avocado (diced)
  • 3 tablespoons sweet chili sauce
  • 1 teaspoon rice vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
  • 2 tablespoons diced red onion
  • sprinkle ground ginger
  • sriracha (to taste)


1. Mix all of the ingredients together in a medium bowl until combined well.
2. Garnish with sesame seeds (optional).

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  1. I can’t wait to try this salad. It looks so yummy

  2. Hi, I found your site through Kathy at Food Wine Thyme and so glad I did. This recipe sounds so flavorful — I’m such a big fan of seafood. Love everything you added in for flavor and textures! 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    That looks really good. I love crab in all its forms 🙂

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