Apricot Mango Protein Smoothie

Apricot Mango Protein Smoothie

I’ve finally gotten back into smoothie mode with the warmer weather that is upon us.  I’ve have my fair share of green smoothies so I’ve been trying to switch it up a little with some different flavors.  I got duped by the Whole Foods pint box display again, they are SO good at making me buy things I don’t need!  Something about seeing the apricots in that cute little cardboard pint box makes me want to buy them, I don’t know what it is!  Anyways, I’m glad they did because those little babies are tasty.  Buying fresh apricots can be a coin toss like peaches, sometimes they’re awesome and sometimes they’re…well, not awesome.  These were nice and sweet and had a great texture.

Apricot Mango Protein Smoothie

I like to add 1-2 dates to my smoothies, it adds the perfect amount of sweetness.  If you don’t have dates or don’t want your smoothie sweet you can omit the date.

Apricot Mango Protein Smoothie

Apricot Mango Protein Smoothie

Hope you all have a fantastic long weekend full of grilling, sun and laughs!



Experiencing rare moments in nature…


On Sunday evening I was driving to grab some food and I saw the most gorgeous site.  The sun was setting and at the same time a rain cloud broke out, it looked as though the sky was on fire.  It was so incredible that I pulled over and snapped this photo.  There was NO filter applied to this photo, this is seriously what it looked like.  It was so amazing that every car was pulling over to watch, I felt lucky to have witnessed this little moment in time. Talk about A Sunshiny Day!

Apricot Mango Protein Smoothie

Serves 2-3
Misc Serve Cold


  • 1 mango (peeled & cut)
  • 2 fresh apricots (pitted)
  • 1 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 Large medjool date


1. Blend everything together in a blender until smooth & creamy.



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  1. jeri says:

    That photo is crazy. I thought at first it was the California wildfires. WOW.

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