An Autumn Weekend…


Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  We took our annual trip up to NH and hit up all of our usual places.  The weather wasn’t fantastic but the rain held out for us and we were able to get a nice hike and some apple picking in on Saturday.  We have an entire drawer full of apples in the fridge, I can’t wait to get cooking with those babies this week!


I’m glad we went up this weekend instead of Columbus weekend when we usually go up.  The apples were almost all picked out, they said they have been absolutely mobbed this year.  It was definitely slim pickings!  Fortunately we were still able to fill up 2 bags with delicious crisp apples.


We took our annual jumping photo, Oto wasn’t sure what to think of it…


Then we tortured him even more by making him take pictures in the kids photo scenes.  His face says it all 🙂


The colors were absolutely gorgeous.  We took a nice long hike and crunched through deep piles of dry leaves.  It almost looked like a snow storm with the leaves floating down from the trees all around.


I had fun peeping through the bright yellow leaves…


…and Oto had fun chasing a broom in a pile of leaves.  I don’t know why but he HATES brooms.  He will chase it until he foams at the mouth and can’t breathe any more. Such a smart little boy 🙂

Happy Tuesday!  Time to get our APPLE ON!






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  1. Same thing happened to us when we went apple picking. Crazy. Love the pics especially the one of Oto as a bee.

    • Mai-Lis says:

      So Strange! I wonder if they had a smaller crop or if people have just been overly eager to get their apples this year?? Thanks 🙂

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